martes, 5 de agosto de 2014

Actualización del facebook oficial de GACKT

《Nestle Presents「GACKT na Game!? GA-ME-SENTERU!」》

The YouTube show「GACKT na Game!? GA-ME-SENTERU!」is off to a good start
after it's first air on 1st July.
For 365 days, 7:00PM every day!!
Broadcasting live commentary on games from GACKT himself☆
He'll be taking on a wide range of games, from big hit games of the
past, to recent games♪
It's already been 1 month since starting...
GACKT's game fever is getting heated up☆
What's more, This time gaming from overseas!?
Well well, How is this going to turn out?
You guessed it,
GACKT will be commenting in the comments section again♪
What sort of comments will be awaiting you?
The mystery beyond awaits here☆
Make sure to get your sneak peek in here!!
【Nestle Presents「GACKT na Game!? GA-ME-SENTERU!」】
Airing: From 1st July 2014, everyday for 1 year
Time: 7:00PM
Airing on: Youtube Nestle Japan Official Channel