viernes, 20 de junio de 2014

Actualización del Facebook Oficial de ToshI [13-18 junio de 2014]

Yoshiki called us to come to the stage finally!!
V sign unintentionally!!
While we were waiting for YOSHIKI, my new song has been released!! Toshl
↓ ↓ ↓

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I went to Yoshiki's concert in Tokyo with XJAPAN members. it was incredible! And fans were excellent!!

Matsumoto Jun - Showtime en NTV

Actualización del Facebook Oficial de Yoshiki [8 de junio al 20 de junio 2014]

I'm on the cover of Shine On #Hollywood #Magazine!  #ハリウッド のマガジン 表紙だよ!

Last #concert of #YoshikiWorldTour part 1 is about to start! #Osaka get ready!

昨日はみんなに声援に感動して泣いてしまった。。 今日は #大阪 頑張るぞ!#YoshikiWorldTour #Tokyo!!! You were amazing last night!
Getting ready for the show in #Osaka #Tonight!!

2NE1 - 'FALLING IN LOVE' (Japanese Ver.) Short Ver.

cr: 2NE1

2NE1 - 'MISSING YOU' (Japanese Ver.) Short Ver.

cr: 2NE1

[2NE1 - 'HAPPY' (Japanese Ver.) Short Ver.]

Japan New Album 'CRUSH' 2014.6.25 On Sale!!
前作 'COLLECTION' から約2年振りとなる待望の日本オリジナルNew Album!!
More info @
2NE1 Japan Official Website @