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[STARCAST] “FROM TOP,” taking a peek into the youthful days of T.O.P at age 27

[네이버 스타캐스트] The best cuts selected by photographer Hong Jang Hyun from T.O.P’s pictorial records “FROM TOP”

It is T.O.P’s pictorial record created after spending a week in New York last December with photographer Hong Jang Hyun. Already 8 years since his debut: BIGBANG’s T.O.P, musician T.O.P and actor Choi Seung Hyun—he has lived a life of competition under these titles. Photographer Hong generously captured the youthful days of the 27-year-old T.O.P that are not seen in any movies or performances. Stylish suits, shirts, and T.O.P’s unique ambience. Let us look into the best shots of alluring and mesmerizing T.O.P, personally chosen by photographer himself, and into why these are his top photos.

Just from his poses, we can tell who T.O.P is.

These postures surely belong to T.O.P, taken in a setting with a vintage feel. Without a powerful gaze or a made-up pose, T.O.P emanates his elegance. But he can transform this ambience into a playful or chic one in a blink of an eye.


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Is it a full album?

Yes it is. This is TAEYANG’s second full album called rise with a total of 9 songs,
the first full album in 4 years
since his 1st one solar on July 1, 2010.

What can you tell us about the title track?

TAEYANG partook in composing and writing of several tracks in his 2nd album
but the sole title track is “EYES, NOSE, LIPS,“
a joint production of YG’s main producers TEDDY and DEE.P.

For the past few years most YG artists chose and promoted two or three title tracks
so what is the reason behind the decision to pick a single title track
for TAEYANG’s latest album?

As most songs in TAEYANG’s 2nd album were regarded as title tracks at different phases,
selecting joint title tracks was the hardest task.
This is why we chose “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” as a single title track
and decided to focus on it for early promotion.

We offered TAEYANG to be in charge of his solo-album production 4 years ago
and late last year, when the album was nearing completion,
we were about to make tracks #8 “LET GO,” #3 “1AM” and #5 ”BODY” the three title tracks.

Actualización del facebook oficial de INORAN - Luna Sea

2:53pm @ Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo.


Gmornin world.




[LUNA SEA] Best albums are out now. Get them soon.


LUNA SEAのベスト・アルバム達が、今日同時発売!

cr: Inoran

Message from RYUICHI toward 25th ANNIVERSARY (English Subtitles)

Message from SUGIZO toward 25th ANNIVERSARY (English Subtitles)

Message from INORAN toward 25th ANNIVERSARY

Message from J toward 25th ANNIVERSARY

Message from Shinya toward 25th ANNIVERSARY

After the immediate sold-out shows at Saitama Super Arena on Dec 21 and Yokohama Arena on Dec 23, LUNA SEA's finally announced the nationwide tour !!
25th ANNIVERSARY LIVE 12/21さいたまスーパーアリーナ・12/23 横浜アリーナ 両公演即日完売につき、16都市32公演に及ぶ14年ぶりとなる全国ホールツアーが決­定!!

-A Liberated Will-

Actualización del facebook oficial de Luna Sea - 05.29 LUNA SEA 25th ANNIVERSARY LIVE -The Unfinished MOON-

Actualización del facebook oficial de Yoshiki! ~ 23-29 - Mayo - 2014

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#ドイツ#テレビ の インタビュー 12分から!! 明日は #ロンドン でショーだ!!