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Actualización del Facebook Oficial de ToshI [13-18 junio de 2014]

Yoshiki called us to come to the stage finally!!
V sign unintentionally!!
While we were waiting for YOSHIKI, my new song has been released!! Toshl
↓ ↓ ↓

↓ ↓ ↓

I went to Yoshiki's concert in Tokyo with XJAPAN members. it was incredible! And fans were excellent!!

Matsumoto Jun - Showtime en NTV

Actualización del Facebook Oficial de Yoshiki [8 de junio al 20 de junio 2014]

I'm on the cover of Shine On #Hollywood #Magazine! http://bit.ly/TeFTyJ  #ハリウッド のマガジン 表紙だよ!

Last #concert of #YoshikiWorldTour part 1 is about to start! #Osaka get ready! bit.ly/YoshikiWT

昨日はみんなに声援に感動して泣いてしまった。。 http://bit.ly/1qmz2RR 今日は #大阪 頑張るぞ!#YoshikiWorldTour #Tokyo!!! You were amazing last night!
Getting ready for the show in #Osaka #Tonight!!

2NE1 - 'FALLING IN LOVE' (Japanese Ver.) Short Ver.

cr: 2NE1

2NE1 - 'MISSING YOU' (Japanese Ver.) Short Ver.

cr: 2NE1

[2NE1 - 'HAPPY' (Japanese Ver.) Short Ver.]

Japan New Album 'CRUSH' 2014.6.25 On Sale!!
前作 'COLLECTION' から約2年振りとなる待望の日本オリジナルNew Album!!
More info @
2NE1 Japan Official Website @


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martes, 10 de junio de 2014

KAT-TUn - In Fact PV

Ryuichi‬ Kawamura "Chiisana Hana" has been uploaded. Original song for Happily Photo Studio (for kids)


Actualización del Facebook Oficial de Gackt

Limited to viewers of the GACKT Official Facebook page
GACKT『MOON SAGA- Mysteries of Yoshitsune - the 2nd chapter』
Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Sendai, Saitama perfomance ticket pre-sales!!》

Pre-sales for tickets will be available,
only to viewers of the GACKT official Facebook page!

Check the following details
in order to apply for your tickets.
【Eligibility】Viewers of the GACKT Official Facebook announcements
【Applications】Applicants will be put into a lottery-draw. Seats are decided via this lottery.There is no guarantee for upfront seats.
【Application date】Monday 16th June 12:00pm 〜 Sunday 22nd June 6:00pm
【Application URL】http://eplus.jp/gacktfb2/(PC&Smartphone)
【Limitations】Up to 4 tickets per person per performance
【Results release date】Wednesday 25th June 1:00pm 〜 Sunday 29th June 6:00pm
【Result confirmation URL】http://eplus.jp/jyoukyou/(PC&Smartphone)
【Payment date】Wednesday 25th June 1:00pm 〜 Sunday 29th June 9:00pm
◆Performance details
Refer to the following URL.
◆Inquiry Infomation
eplus Customer Center
0570-06-9919 (10:00am 〜 6:00pm・Weekends & holidays included)

MBLAQ en México 2014

140610 YOSHIKI Classical Tokyo concert will be aired live in cinemas

At the end of his world tour YOSHIKI will also perform two concerts in Japan, on June 16th 2014 in Tokyo and on June 17th 2014 in Osaka.

Unfortunately a big number of Japanese fans won’t have the opportunity to attend one of his live shows. Only one fan of 300 applicants, who had been chosen by lottery, had the chance to buy a ticket. Both selected venues are classical concert halls with a small capacity considering the high demand. At “Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre” there are approx. 2000 seats and at “The Symphony Hall” in Osaka even just approx. 1700.

For those who weren’t among the lucky fans who got a ticket, it was announced that the Tokyo concert will be aired live in 32 cinemas all around the country, with ticket prices of 3280¥ (about 27€ or 37$.)


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Actualización del facebook oficial de Kanon Wakeshima

The rainy season has set in.

The rainy season in Japan starts in June.
My birthday is this month!

The birthstone of June is pearl.
The pearl sparkled in the moonlight!!!

PSY - HANGOVER feat. Snoop Dogg M/V

cr: officialpsy



[TAEYANG - 새벽한시 (1AM) M/V]


Buck-Tick en la Revista Massive Vol.15 + Rock and Read vol. 54

BUCK-TICK en la revista Massive Vol.15, para el 17 de junio.
Cubierta Rock and Read vol. 54, en el que habrá una entrevista con Sakurai Atsushi. 
La revista saldrá a la venta este mes.

Sailor Moon Crystal | Trailer (Subtítulado al Español)

cr: Eymard Vivas

viernes, 6 de junio de 2014

Nuevo PV de Sailor Moon Crystal

Hoy la web oficial del nuevo anime lanzó este nuevo primer video promocional donde además podemos escuchar la canción "Moon Pride" interpretada por el grupo idol Momoiro Clover Z y a la seiyuu Ryou Hirohashi en el papel de Luna.

Actualización del Facebook Oficial de Yoshiki

Thanx everybody! We are #rocking the #world with #classical #music! http://bit.ly/YoshikiWT
#Germany #USA #Russia #UK #Mexico #France!!
Now #YoshikiWorldTour will start in #China #Taiwan #Thailand #Japan!!
#LOVE YOU ALL!!!! #X!!! 世界ツアーあと6公演!! 気合いれて行くぞ〜!!!

cr: Yoshiki

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Shinhwa - Poster of the boys!

Actualización del Sitio Oficial de J'Fest México

Nos lo has pedido: Cambiamos de sede. Nuestro primer movimiento es J'Fest Live, una edición exclusiva de concierto (sin convención) y se llevará a cabo el 15 de noviembre en el Auditorio BlackBerry de la Ciudad de México.

Esta sala de conciertos es reconocida por su gran acústica, un audio inmejorable según ellos mismos en la ciudad.

En este lugar se han presentado grandes figuras como Junsu en K'Pop o Yoshiki con su música clásica hablando de Japón.

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Sitio Oficial para venta de mercancia de Luna Sea

Luna Sea 2014 Concert