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2012.11.11 on sale アン・ジェウク/Ahn Jae Wook Special DVD "BEST FRIEND"

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Ahn Jae Wook 이별인건지 sub español

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Amuro Namie releases a short preview for her new song “Big Boys Cry”

A short preview of Amuro Namie’s new song titled “Big Boys Cry” has been revealed on her official Facebook.

It’s only a 12 second preview, and no details other than the title have been released at this moment, but from the preview, it looks like the song will surely be another cool release by Amuro.

As announced earlier, she is also releasing the live DVD/Blu-ray “namie amuro 5 Major Domes Tour 2012 ~20th Anniversary Best~” on February 27th. (Check out the details for the live DVD/Blu-ray here.)

Below is the short preview of “Big Boys Cry.”

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SDN48 appears at ‘Request Hour’ + announces the special stage in March

On the final day of “AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 2013“, SDN48,who had all 39 members graduated back in March 2012, made a comeback just for the day, as their song “Kodoku na Runner” had ranked in the 18th place on the request hour.

Held at the Tokyo Dome City Hall on January 27th, this marked their first appearance in 8 months since they had held a revival stage in May. 28 members appeared on the stage and joyfully enjoyed their revival.

On the stage, Ohori Megumi, who married a scenario writer, Kanazawa Tatsuya, on New Year’s day, announced her marriage directly to the fans, and revealed that her husband was there to see the performance. Ohori also blew a kiss to her husband after other members urged her to do so.

It was also announced that SDN48’s special stage would be held at the AKB48 theater in Akihabara on March 31st. It would be the “alumni association” that the members promised to their fans when they graduated. Serina commented, “We will try our best to show our growth after one year.”

Source & Image: Oricon
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AKB48 to hold an open-air live concert “AKB48 Super Festival” at Nissan Stadium

On January 27th, popular idol group AKB48 finished their annual 4-day live event “AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 2013” held at Tokyo Dome City Hall. This year, the No.1 song that blocked the third consecutive victory of “Heavy Rotation” was team 4’s only original song “Hashire! Penguin.”

Team 4 was the fourth team in AKB48, formed back in June 2011 with the members like Shimazaki Haruka, Shimada Haruka, Iriyama Anna, Kato Rena, and Kawaei Rina, however, the discontinuation of the team 4 was announced with AKB48′ second  team shuffle in November of the last year.

Shimazaki said with a smile, “I did not expect that we could perform together again. It’s all thank to everybody. I’m so happy.”, while Shimada said shedding tears, “The happiest thing is that team 4 has not been forgotten after the breakup.”

During the final day of the event, it was also announced that AKB48 would be holding an open-air live concert titled “AKB48 Super Festival” at Nissan Stadium in June. It will be the biggest-scale festival yet for the group as there will be 70,000 audience members attending, and they will be the first female artist to hold a solo live concert at the venue.

Takahashi Minami happily commented, “I think it will lead us to open up a new state. This year, the 48 groups will run at full speed!”

Source & Image: Oricon (1 + 2)
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Party Rockets reveals short PV for “MIRAIE”

Idol unit Party Rockets has revealed the short PV for their upcoming single, “MIRAIE“.
Party Rockets’ 2nd single was written by rock band Mr.Big vocalist Eric Martin. It will be released on February 27th.

Check it out below!

NMB48 reveals jacket covers for first album “Teppen Tottande!”

NMB48 has revealed the jacket covers for their first album, “Teppen Tottande!” (February 27th release).

The jacket covers for Type N, M, and B were shot on January 18th in front of NHK Hall in Shibuya, where the ‘Kohaku Uta Gassen‘ is held every year. After the shoot, the girls held a press conference and Yamamoto Sayaka commented on their sister group SKE48’s first independent appearance on the ‘Kohaku’.  ”We were envious and we were also disappointed that we couldn’t make an appearance.

She then declared, “This year, we want to independently stand on the stage at ‘Kohaku Uta Gassen’ with confidence.

Check out the jacket covers below!


Shinhwa reveals teaser clip for upcoming 15th anniversary concert

As mentioned earlier, Shinhwa will be holding a concert in honor of their 15th anniversary this March! To hype up anticipation for the upcoming event, the group has unveiled a video teaser featuring scenes from their previous concerts.

The group had promised a comeback and a concert, and they are keeping that promise by holding their new concert on March 16th and 17th at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Bangidong, Seoul, ahead of their April comeback.

Check out the teaser clip below!

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Kim Tae Hee spotted for the first time after announcing relationship with Rain

Kim Tae Hee was spotted for the first time after going public with her relationship with Rain.

Y-STAR‘s ‘Live Star News‘ showed footage of Kim Tae Hee visiting a hanbok store for her upcoming drama ‘Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love‘. Because she would be playing a Joseon fashion designer, Kim Tae Hee was fitted into the clothes she would be wearing on screen and checked over all the sizes herself.

The store employee commented, “Kim Tae Hee tried everything on and [decided on] what was the prettiest for [the drama character's] concept. She was very pretty.

Even though the press surprised her, she never lost her smile in front of the cameras. However, when a reporter asked her about Rain, she showed surprise and left quickly.

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