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LUNA SEA - Music Station (30/08/2013)


Japanese rocker Yoshiki explores softer side

Japanese rock star, "X-Japan" frontman and classical composer Yoshiki has released a new album titled "Yoshiki Classical".

Yoshiki is a classically trained pianist best known as the lead performer of X-Japan, a heavy metal rock band created in the late 80's that sold more than 30 million albums.

The artist has recently released a new album called "Yoshiki Classical". It combines heavy metal with classical music. The album is set for a world release on September 24th.

The artist was at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles earlier this week to perform a few classical compositions off the album. He also accepted a $10,000 dollar cheque from The Grammy Foundation to the non-profit Yoshiki Foundation America he created in 2010 that donates to various charities around the world.

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130818 Reunión HATO Super Junior en Guadalajara

Actualización Twitter de Oikawa Satoshi

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Agosto 19~28 2013 - Actualizaciones Facebook Oficial YOSHIKI

You know what I was thinking? "Let's make #YoshikiClassical #1 on the fxxkin charts! haha" Thank you for spreading the music! #Love Xx
( Pic from the #Grammy Museum show.)

A pic from last night's #Grammy Museum show and some Yahoo #Japan articles
#Vampire had TV #interviews today, now I'm sleepy..!
Thanx for spreading #Yoshiki Classical !

 THANX for your support!! Today #YoshikiClassical was released and has already reached #2 on the #iTunes #classical chart in the US! You can now buy it here: . Worldwide release has been delayed to September 24th

#Vampire just got home from the #Grammy Museum performance! My wrists were in pain but the show went well! Thanx to all the people from the Grammy Museum, ladies of the quartet, Katie from #VUK , and ALL MY BELOVED #FANS AROUND THE #WORLD!
I'll take a look at some photos and start posting them later! And I'll check your messages on #facebook and #twitter ! Love you all !
今グラミーミュージアムのショーから家に戻ってきた!手首が凄く痛かったけど無事に終わった! #ありがとう
本当にみんなのおかげだ!感謝してるよ〜!!! これから #フェイスブック#ツイッター のメッセージ読むからね!

130828 Actualización Facebook Oficial JUNO

8/31にやるファンイベント「JUNO-YA! VOL.5~The 2nd Anniversary~」Goodsかんせい〜!!

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130828 Actualización Facebook INORAN

"I'M HERE" 's finally dropped today!! have you got it?

130828 Actualización Facebook Oficial INORAN

Also LUNA SEA's new single "Thoughts" is OUT today!!
Feel it deeply!!!

New G-Dragon for BSX August 2013

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Thoughts ♪ LUNA SEA 2013/08/07 めざましTV

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130826 Actualización Facebook Oficial INORAN

R u ready? Muddy Apes's show in Osaka today.
C'mon Tequila!!!!!

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MBLAQ en 1:N

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Daesung de Big Bang toma el lugar No.1 en USEN 'J-POP Request Ranking Chart'

El primer single japonés de Daesung de Big Bang, “I Love You”, ha encabezado la lista USEN “J-POP Request Ranking Chart”.

Daesung de Big Bang toma el lugar No.1 en USEN 'J-POP Request Ranking Chart'

El nuevo single de Daesung, "I Love You", que fue lanzado el 31 de julio, es una nueva versión de la famosa canción de Ozaki Yutaka y ocupó el primer lugar en "J-POP Request Ranking Chart" gracias al apoyo de sus fans.

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130808 Actualización Facebook Oficial FTISLAND


FTISLAND의 9월 28, 29일 공연에 관련하여
선행예매를 위한 정회원 신청 기간이 연장되었습니다.

변경 전: 8월7일 마감
변경 후: 8월 12일 까지 정회원 신청 가능

[콘서트 일시]
2013년 9월 28일, 29일 (양일간)

[선행 예매 일시]
8월 중순 공지 예정 (팬클럽 선행 예매 사이트 URL 추후 공지)
- 1인 2매 예매 가능합니다.

[안내 사항]
- 선행예매를 위한 팬클럽 PRIMADONNA 정회원 신청기간이
~ 8월 7일 수요일 (7일에서 8일로 넘어가는 자정) 까지 에서
8월 12일 월요일 (12일에서 13일로 넘어가는 자정)까지로 연장되었습니다.
-팬클럽 선행예매는 PRIMADONNA 정회원으로 가입해 주신 분에 한해 진행 됩니다.
{8월 12일 자정까지 입금 및 신청을 모두 완료하신 분들에 한해 선행 예매가 진행되오니, 이점 유의하여 주세요}
- 8/12 월요일 이후 가입 및 입금을 해 주시는 분들은 선행 예매의 참여가 불가 합니다.
{추후 티켓팅 리스트를 작성하기 위함이니 12일 자정까지 모든 가입과 입금을 끝내 주세요.}
- 좌석 배치도는 추후 콘서트, 티켓팅 일정과 함께 공지 됩니다.

가입 후 등급이 조정되지 않으실 경우 ft@fncent.com으로 메일 주시면 확인 후 바로 등급을 조정해 드리겠습니다.

PRIMADONNA 여러분들의 많은 참여 바랍니다.


Hello, this is an announcement of FNC Entertainment.

Pre-ticketing service of FTISLAND concert on September 28 and 29 for PRIMADONNA members is delayed.

Deadline before delay: Aug 7th, 2013
Deadline after delay: Aug 12th, 2013 (only for PRIMADONNA members)

[Concert Date]
September 28 and 29, 2013 (Two days)

[Pre-Ticketing Date]
Mid-August (Ticketing web site will be announced after)
- Only 2 tickets are allowed per one person.

- The time limit to join PRIMADONNA for pre-ticketing is delayed from Wednesday, August 7th to Monday, August 12th before 11:59PM (12th midnight going on 13th).
- Pre-ticketing service is available to people who are applying or paying for PRIMANDONNA membership only. (Please make sure that all procedure has to be done before 11:59PM on August 12th.).
- People who apply or pay the membership after August 12th cannot participate the pre-ticketing service. (It is to make a list for ticketing)
- Seat plan will be announced later with concert schedule and ticketing plan.
- If your membership status does not change right after your signing, email us to and we will adjust your status.

Thank you.

130807 Facebook Oficial ToshI ~ CRYSTAL ROCK English Ver.


組曲「CRYSTAL ROCK」リリースから1カ月、クロスオーバーブランド「BEAUTIFUL SKULL CRYSTAL ROCK GENERATION」から第二弾、組曲「CRYSTAL ROCK」の英語バージョンが配信リリースとなった。また同時にCDの予約受付も開始!!

130808 Actualización Twitter Sandara Park

[Twitter Update] 승윤이 모니터중인 다라선배 잘한다 승윤이~ 우리 승윤동생 재간둥이 동생이야~ : " Dara-sunbae monitoring Seungyoonie in progress You did well Seungyoonie~ Our Seungyoon dongsaeng is a talented dongsaeng~"

Corea del Sur y México producirán conjuntamente un documental de música

Ciudad de México, 7 de agosto (Yonhap) -- Las emisoras de Corea del Sur y México fabricarán conjuntamente, por primera vez, un documental televisivo sobre música de ambos países.

La emisora representativa en idioma inglés de Corea del Sur, Arirang TV, con respaldo de la Agencia Surcoreana de Contenidos Creativos (KOCCA, según sus siglas en inglés), celebró el miércoles (hora local) en la Ciudad de México, una ceremonia de intercambio del sector de radiotelevisión con Televisa, la mayor emisora mexicana.

Como parte de los esfuerzos para promover el citado intercambio, las dos emisoras decidieron producir un programa de entretenimiento, llamado "Telerrealidad México-Corea", en el que figurarán los espectáculos de cantantes de ambos países y reportajes culturales.

Está previsto que el programa se transmita a partir de noviembre en 188 países a través de Arirang TV y Televisa.

Arirang TV planea impulsar la fabricación de varios programas junto con los medios de comunicación de México a fin de ampliar el intercambio cultural con los países latinoamericanos y propagar la cultura pop surcoreana (K-pop) en la región latinoamericana.

La KOCCA dijo que México es un mercado muy atractivo para la industria de contenidos de Corea del Sur, ya que el país latinoamericano sirve como un puente para penetrar en los mercados de EE.UU. y América Latina.

‎LunaticslaveS‬ From ‪#‎Inoran‬'s staff

"撮影&取材Weekも折り返し地点。 "

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河村隆一 / Miss you

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Conferencia de medios MBLAQ y REIK Parte 1

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