miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2012

121105 SE7EN - BS 11 – Han Love (Japan)

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121102 Birthday Party after guerilla concert

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121102 Shinbundang 1st anniversary guerilla concert – Digital Bounce, WICS, La La La, Passion

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121013 Se7en - We Love Gangwon Festival – When I can’t sing

Aired on arirang’s Simply Kpop special on 1st November

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Taiwan Apple Daily News: Se7en opens Yeolbong in Osaka

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121102 Se7en and Gummy Guerilla Concert

They are appearing at the stage at Pankyo station tomorrow to celebrate 1 year of the Shin Bundang line

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Se7en Participates in Charity Dinner Concert

Se7en Participates in Charity Dinner Concert

On October 24, he tweeted, “Today at a charity event, I donated Se7en’s talent. I also planted love for people who are living with discomfort. ^^ The weather is getting colder these days. Let’s make this winter where we can share warmth with the people struggling around us. ♥”

Se7en Fan Tour in Bangkok 2012 Promo 2

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