domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012

Se7en thanks everyone for the warm reception in Taiwan

Se7en held the ‘Se7en Taiwan Loving Tour’ recently and after the fan meeting, he went to celebrate with staff at a restaurant. Fans also followed and the restaurant was packed with people.

Se7en himself is a food lover and is interested in all kinds of different food, especially chicken dishes. The restaurant especially made the food spicier and richer in taste just for Se7en which increased his appetite. He ate extra rice and said “This taste is very special, very different from Korean food!”

The restaurant prepared extra dishes for him especially, including date and red bean buns with a ’7′ on them,and a sweet melon cup (the one in the photo) with the word ‘seven’ stuck on it in crystals which made him very happy.

SE7EN - Official Taiwan Tour photos from MK Entertainment

The cake is a 10 yr anniversary cake given to him by taiwanese fan

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