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120924 Vega R3 Launching Show

Se7en - 120922 Haru Hana (Japan)

120922 Se7en Taiwan Press Conference (FULL)

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Weibo post of press conference host Huang Zi Jiao about Se7en

Famous TV and radio host Huang Zi Jiao was the host of the press conference today and this is what he had to say about Se7en on weibo:

!工作! se7en狀態回勇再訪台 依然帥氣有明星魅力 首次記者會上面對他 大方可愛自然又搞笑 一見如故般彼此信任 翻譯老師也自在投入 一起搞笑的他一直說 我在韓國不是這樣的 來台灣開心所以放鬆 我面對外來許多藝人 語言之隔需更多信任 大家放鬆又誠意回應 才能共構愉悅的效果 ps. 好久沒人餵我吃東西

!Work! Se7en returns to form and visits Taiwan. He is still handsome and possesses the charisma of a star. This is my first time meeting him at this press conference and he was generous, cute, natural and funny. We clicked straight away and trusted each other and even the translator was really into it. He, who was being funny with us, kept saying, I’m not like this when I’m in Korea, it’s because I’m happy coming to Taiwan, therefore I’m relaxed.

120922 Se7en - Taiwan Press conference news reports

Kpop king Se7en is high from meeting fans in Taiwan

Se7en comes to Taiwan after 6 years, invites fans to have fun with him

120922 Se7en - Press conference in Taiwan

Se7en - Taiwan 5 star hotel makes special preparations to welcome Se7en

Custom made Se7en themed chocolate box with famous taiwanese snacks inside, bathrobe, pillowcase embroided with ‘Se7en’, big ‘Se7en’ sign in room

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120916 Se7en the best concert setlist

2012 Se7en Japan concert – Se7en the best set list

1. Crazy
2. I wanna…
3. Better Together
4. Digital Bounce
5. I’m going crazy
6. Last of Diary
7. Understand
8. Love Again
9. Somebody Else
10. 君だけに (Kimi dake ni)
11. Forever
12. Entrance
13. Angel
14. Style
15. If Ain’t Got You with Gummy

16 & 17. Gummy solo performance

18. I’ll do well (잘할게)
19. When I can’t sing
20. 会いたい (Aitai)
21. Come back to me
22. La La La
23. I Know (난 알아요)
24. Passion

25. Hikari
26. Startline

Encore 2
27. Entrance

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Se7en holds concert in Japan after 5 years: “Here is a chance for a new start”

Korean solo singer Se7en, held his first solo concert in 5 years at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A on the 16th September.

Jumping out onto the stage, Se7en appeared grandly and started the concert with dance tracks “Crazy”, “I wanna”. Fans who had waited anxiously for 5 years replied with loud cheers. Amidst the heated atmosphere, Se7en greeted his fans warmly with “konni konni”. “It’s been a long time. This is my first concert in 5 years and I’m very happy. Thank you to all my fans who waited for me.”

He continued to heat up the concert hall with “Better Together” and “Digital Bounce”. He released a best hits compilation album “Se7en the Best” on the 5th which included songs released in Korea and Japan such as “Love Again” (released April 2012), 2nd single “Style” (released May 2005), “Passion” (released July 2004). He performed these songs at the concert with the accompaniment of a live band.

Se7en holds concert in Japan after 5 years gathering 5000 fans

Pioneer of the Hallyru wave, Kpop artist Se7en, who released his first best hits compilation album this month, held solo concert “Se7en 2012 concert in Japan: Se7en the best” on the 16th for the first time in 5 years in Japan. After fans battled to get tickets, 5000 fans gathered together for a night with Se7en filled with touching performances where 27 songs were performed with two encores.

It had been 5 years since his last concert which was held 7th July 2007 and fans waited anxiously.

The concert started with the powerful dance track ‘Crazy’ as Se7en jumped out onto the stage in silver and red clothes. The concert hall shook from the screams from the fans as Se7en continued to perform “Better Together”, “Digital Bounce”, showing off his charisma. He then sang pop style songs “Love Again” and “Entrance”, heating up the atmosphere but showed his serious side and singing ability by performing such songs as “Last of Diary”, “I’ll be good to you (잘할게) and “Aitai”. Gummy was his special guest which he sang Alicia Keys’ “If I ain’t got you” with.

120918 Han Fun – article on Se7en the best concert (Japan)

2012 Se7en Taiwan Loving Tour Goods

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from 奇威娛樂 on facebook
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Psy + Big Bang’s support vids for Se7en Taiwan fan meet

120914 CTS Report on Se7en’s Taiwan fan meeting and Psy’s support video (Taiwan)

120916 ETTV 樂活好正點 – talking about Se7en’s Taiwan fan meet

Big Bang’s support video for Se7en’s Taiwan fan meet (scroll down to find)

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120907 NTV Trick Hunter 3 – Se7en cut + full show

120917 SE7EN por yukiestate

by yukiestate

Here is an english translation thanks you @yukiestate
mc : Another BIG guest is here. Super popular artist SE7EN from Korea.
7 : Hello I’m SE7EN.

120916 Se7en the best concert in Japan

120912 Sakigake! Music Ranking Eight (Japan)

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